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The revolutionary body movement, dance training and certification program for Ballroom and Latin dance


was created by an internationally known and registered coach, adjudicator, and examiner.


  • it began in 1993, and is still the leading authority on dance by natural movement.

  • It is a proven body movement training and dance development program for non-dancers, social dancers, and professionals.

  • It is constantly updated to keep current with advancements in education, techniques, and trends, but maintains the integrity of the Laws of Natural Movement & Energy upon which it was founded.

  • It is currently being studied and used by several major dance councils, organizations, and federations.

  • It is backed by The Alexander Method®, Egosque®, and Feldenkrais®.

  • DanceKinesis is an internationally recognized dance council certified and registered with the CID, International Dance Council, Paris

  • #27 - Best Selling Ballroom Dance Book (International Book Authority)