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"Angel of tango, guide and guardian, Grant to me your glory.

Angel of tango, hide no longer, Secret and strange Angel."



"He feels the dance, and moves like he was born here. I call him "El Criollo"           -  Rodolfo Dinzel

"He dances like we do in Buenos Aires"          -  Jorge Firpo

"A beautiful dancer in everything that he does"          -  Pedro "El Indio'" Benavente & Mariana Fresno

This is a superb dance training experience of authentic style tango based on those of the Nacional Acedemia de Tango and Escuela de Tango Argentina, both of Buenos Aires, and the Dancekinesis body movement and dance training program. This certified curriculum has been taught in many dance schools around the world. It is a proven program that is guaranteed to prooduce top quality dancers at whatever level is sought or desired.  We are proud to present the "TangoKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Dancing Tango" as our signature dance training program.

Not affiliated with the Tango Kinesis contemproary dance company of BsAs