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I have no experience. May I become a Ballroom Dance instructor?

Absolutely! The DanceKinesis training program is firstly, a body movement training program, and secondly, a dance training program. DanceKinesis will takes your natural movement/s and ability/ies and shows you how to become the dance, rather than taking a systematic rote pattern of steps and figures, and forcing your body to conform.


I am already a trained dancer / winning competitor / competition champion. How will this help me?

DanceKinesis is a total body movement and dance training program. It will begin by improving your everyday health, fitness, and movement/s off of the dance floor. It will also give you a broader, greater (if not better) insight into how and why the body does what it does within a given time and space. You will find moving to be easier, more effortless and natural, and more creative.  * BONUS  *  In standardized Ballroom dance, many of the things which we have to accept as norms are simply incorrect outside of Ballroom dance. Learning more about such things as Natural Law & Dance, The 4 Schools of Ballroom Dance, Music & Rhythm for Dancers, Real Lead & Follow will undoubtedly help your dance, teaching, career, and everyday life.


How much time and study does it take?

See 'Personal Study' (click here)


How do I find a teaching position?

DanceKinesis and its sister program, TangoKinesis, is one of the most revolutionary dance training and dancing programs to have come along in years. It is becoming more and more recognized as a top-level program by teachers, studios, competitions, and councils. We have access to many of these, and might be able to assist you during your career consultations with us. Dance studios, organizations, educational schools, and theatre companies worldwide are always searching for good dance teachers.


Must I start at the bottom?

Most likely, not. Individual studios' and organizations' practices vary, but you will most always be well recognized for your specialized training and certification.


Must I complete the entire certification program to get a certificate?

No. Of course, you will receive a Full Certification/Diploma upon graduation, however, you may also receive Certificates of Award or Completion at each level, category, or division (American Smooth, American Latin, American Rhythm, International Standard, International Latin, Theatre Arts, Cabaret, (as applicable) Social, Ballroom, Exhibition (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Must I study at a DanceKinesis studio?

No. The program is designed to be taught in segments by combining textbook, workbook, hands-on, and self-paced studies. These may be taken on your own, at your home studio, by Special On-Line Study, at our base or dance workshops/camps, or a specialized combination of these. The only requirement is that you must spend at least 1 week (4 days) per quarter (12 weeks) with a DK instructor or assignee (either at your location or ours).


What if I do not live in the United States. Do I need this? If so, how do I get it?

We travel constantly teaching DanceKinesis and TangoKinesis worldwide. We have taught in, and/or have students in, the U.S., Canada, Argentina, the Caribbean, England, France, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawai`i. The certificate, though recognized more for those who are dancing in the U.S. and Argentina, signifies that you are a highly trained professional level licensee, and that your skills have been studied, and tested by highly qualified others who are in the business to do so.


For those how are outside of the U.S., the quarterly hands-on studies might be amended. However, we travel constantly, and the chances of our being in an amenable area to you is likely.

Frequently Asked Questions
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