Become a better dancer.  Have a better trained staff.  Build a better studio.


The DK Attache' is the perfect way to certify your staff or your studio in the quickest and most efficient way possible... at your convienence.


The DK Attache' includes:



  • DanceKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance (Book)

  • 4  Beginner Level Workbooks


  • Online videos (referencing/illustrating the

       material. Interm./Adv. videos available at

       completion of each level)

  • Ballroom, Latin, & Rhythm Dance Syllabus Hard Copy / Video

  • DK Ballroom, Latin, & Rhythm Dance Syllabi

      Social [Bronze], Ballroom [Ballroom],

      Exhibition [Gold]; 

      Theatre Arts [Gold Plus], Cabaret [Gold Plus II]

       - not included)


  • DK 5 Dance Ballroom Package  OR  DK 5 Dance Latin Package  OR  DK 10 Dance package

  • 8 Course Guides  -  Teaching the DanceKinesis system

  • 15 Teaching Manuals -  Lesson plans on each course (individual dances may be used with either the DK syllabi, or your own.  

* Each Lesson is planned for approximately 2 hours, and includes:

Topic notes Goals, A suggested teaching outline (The Class Clock),

Relative dances and suggested DK teachings/methods, Assignments

(homework/preparations for the next lesson)

  •           Teaching Aids  -  Laminated cards/displays

  •           Angelism Notebook, and Angelism Advertisement Postcard Set

  • Quarterly Coachings/Consultations

       (in-studio, live coachings; add'l hrs possible)



  • Sample Diploma

  • Handsome DanceKinesis Attache

  • * Not all items are included in every lesson plan. Aids are lesson specific, and only those relative

  •   to each lesson are available. 

  •  Exams (topic specific)

Not all graphics and materials are shown.


The total cost of this program is comparable to other similar programs offered by other venues. For a complete product-by-product beak-down of individual costs, please visit the DanceKinesis store by clicking here.



Each DK Attache' Includes.....

The DK Attache'


Everything that you need to:


  1. Train and/or certify your teachers in the best Ballroom and Latin dance training program to date

  2. Become a recognized DanceKinesis(R) Studio

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