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The revolutionary new 

Ballroom and Latin dance movement


"Professional Money Making Opportunities"


Choose Your Certification

Certify in the dances and at the level/s of your choice.

  1. 5 Dance - Latin  (Beginning or Full)

  2. 5 Dance - Smooth / Standard  

      (Beginning or Full)

  3. 10 Dance - Ballroom & Latin

      (Beginning or Full)

  4. Specialty Dances / Levels

      (Non-traditional Dances / Cabaret / 

      Theatre Arts, etc.)

The DanceKinesis Teacher Training Certification Program is a great way for studios to:

  1. Maintain the highest quality of instructional available

  2. Increase programming by offering continuous DK Training Classes / Courses

  3. Increase revenue

A teacher or monitored teacher trainee in your studio could teach the DK program as a part of, or as a supplement to, the on-going curriculum. This creates:

  1. More training and teaching opportunities for you, the staff, and the trainees

  2. More and excitingly different classes and topics that may be offered at your studio

  3. Monetary opportunities for the studio and/or the trainee to teach and increase revenues

The program was designed to be, and is, taught in colleges and universities nationwide, and typically takes up to 18 months (2-3 times/week) to complete the Full program. Many dancers who dance more than these minimum hours have completed their certification in as little as 12 months.

Teaching DanceKinesis

DanceKinesis does not oversee your in-studio program. At this time, we offer franchise free lifetime assistance to all DK certified teachers and studios simply because;

  1. We believe in the product

  2. We want to see DanceKinesis succeed

  3. We want to see YOU succeed!

Once a teacher trainee has taken the exam associated with a particular level, he/she will be issued a Certificate of Completion for that level. Many trainees, under the supervision of DK and their studio/teachers, will begin a DK study program of the attained level of certification. This allows:

  1. The teacher trainee to;

a)  put their learning immediately    into practice, and                                 b)  make money (often used to continue their higher training)

  2. The studio to increase revenue to 

support the continual enhancement and betterment of the studio through superior DK dancing.

Example of Possibilities

The DanceKinesis Certification Program is offered in the manner that we have resolved to be the best. However, as a franchise / royalty free teacher of the program, you may choose to separate or amend either part of the courses / classes to suit your particular needs.

Consider the following examples:

Teacher Trainee Instruction

  • The current cost of the Full DK program is $4,804.35.

  • Bronze program taught in monthly blocks of $500/student **

  • 10  students = $5,000

  • Teacher program - Paid in Full in 1 mo.

  • Avg. term to completion - 18 mos.

Studio Instruction

  • The current cost of the Full DK program is $4,804.35.

  • Bronze program taught in monthly blocks of $500/student **

  • 10  students = $5,000

  • DK program Paid in Full in 1 mo.

  • Avg. term to completion - 12 - 18 mos.

** Based on the average weekly study regimen of;

  • 2 Group Classes

  • 1 Private Hour

  • 1 Practice Social

DanceKinesis is an internationally recognized dance council certified and registered with the CID, International Dance Council, Paris
All DK elements, courses, programs, and certifications are usable and interchangeable with all major dance school syllabi.
"Dance is not steps; it is the ever-changing movement in between the steps"
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