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Personal Certification

It is standard within the Ballroom dance industry to use a progressive method modeled after the Olympic medal system of 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold'. These have little to do with actual levels of expertise, and more to do with 'styles' of dance. DanceKinesis prefers to use the terms; 'Social (Bronze)', 'Ballroom (Silver)', and 'Exhibition (Gold)' to better correlate to the styles of dance in the U.S.


Certifications may be taken in a

5 Dance or 10 Dance Level.

The dancer may study;

  • all of the dances

  • only the Smooth/Standard

  • only the Latin

  • only half of either option (Associate - Full to be taken at a later time)

*   Text Book & Workbook Study

(Basic courses in the Beginner/Improver Levels)

(4 Workbooks in the Beginner. Levels (Social/Ballroom only)

*   Personal Study (In studio / 



*   Written/Oral/Practical Exams


*   Certification Exam

    (by a nationally recognized, licensed



*  Dance Books (only appropriate books 

     for chosen program/s are included; see


Approximate completion (3 hrs/wk) - 12 months for all levels*


*Individual completion terms vary

DanceKinesis is an internationally recognized dance council certified and registered with the CID, International Dance Council, Paris

All DK elements, courses, programs, and certifications are usable and interchangeable with all major dance school syllabi.
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