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The companion book to the text "DanceKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance". This workbook continues from where Workbook III concluded. It may be used alone for the dancer who has excelled in Workbook II and Workbook III exercises and understandings. This book focuses heavily on "Partnering".

The Beginner/Introductory workbook series is for the amateur and professional. It is full of text, graphics, and exercises that will help you to learn, understand, and better master the proper concepts of movement as it relates to rhythm, timing, and styling in the creation of Ballroom and Latin dance. Includes a section on how to hear music and understand rhythms, and a Dancers' Dictionary.

The exercises are done in such a way as to guide the Beginner through a systematic, daily or weekly progression to developing a great dancers' mind and body.

DanceKinesis - Beginner Workbook Series IV

SKU: WB040
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