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1. Do you know that muscles only work in one direction?

2. Do you know what kinesphere is?

3. Do you understand the relationship of movement to space, space to time, and time to music?

4. Do you know that the gent does not really lead the lady nor does the lady 'really' follow?


DanceKinesis is for everyone from non-dancers to professionals and regardless of level or expertise. It has been an internationally respected program for over 25 years, is continuously updating, and its principles and concepts are now the adopted methodologies and teachings of the World DanceSport Federation.


The human body is an incredible machine. Knowing how it works would obviously result in healthier and better movement in everyday life and ultimately in being the best dancer that you can be.


Dancers are athletes. They must understand good and proper natural body movement. They are also artists. They must fully understand how movement and music differs from the musician to the dancer. And, sadly, most of what has been passed down through time is simply incomplete at best or incorrect at worst.


Treat yourself or someone else to "The Gift that Lasts A Lifetime". Take advantage of this limited time offer, and discover a better you off and on the dance floor. Get the book and related offers today!


"Dancers are not just the creators of art, they are in fact the art itself created."

DanceKinesis - The Book

  • Paperback Edition; Second Printing; approx. 400 pgs
    Includes kinesiology study, music, rhythms, timings, and styling of the most commonly included American and International Ballroom and Latin dances, as well as universally recognized beginning steps, descriptions, techniques, and partnering.

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