1. Did you know that muscles only work in one direction?
     2. Do you know what kinesphere is?
     3. Do you understand the relationship of movement to time, and time to art?

The human body is an incredible machine. It is capable of performing from the most simplistic and innately remote solitary movements to the most incredibly complex and manipulated. Knowing how the body works, would obviously result in being able to better utilize and control its movements and functions. Dancers are athletes. They use their bodies to form the art that they create more so than all other athletes in sports. The reason for this is simple. Other sports use additional equipment like bats, balls, skates, nets, etc. to assist the athlete in the completion of his/her task. Dancers, such as gymnasts, ballerinas, social and competitive ballroomers, and others have only their bodies to work with. "Dancers are not just the creators of art, they are in fact the art itself created."

DanceKinesis - The Book

SKU: Bk010
  • Paperback Edition; Second Printing; approx. 400 pgs
    Includes kinesiology study, music, rhythms, timings, and styling of the most commonly included American and International Ballroom and Latin dances, as well as universally recognized beginning steps, descriptions, techniques, and partnering.


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