The DK Attache' is the perfect way to certify yourself, staff, or studio in the quickest and most efficient way possible... at your convenience.

The attache' includes:

- DanceKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance (Book)
- 4  Beginner Level Workbooks (Intermediate - Advanced at completion of each level)
- On-going Video Learning Series
- 3 8-Hour Quarterly Coachings/Consultations (in-studio, live coachings; add'l hrs possible)
- Angelism Notebooks/Notecards
- DK Syllabi
- 8 Course Study Guides

- 15 Dance Class Study Guides

- Level Completion Certificates & Certification Certification
- Handsome DK Attache' case

and MUCH more (see complete product listings on site)

The DK ATTACHE' - Home Certification Program

SKU: DKA00-0999
  • Everything that you need to:

    • Train and/or certify your teachers in the best Ballroom and Latin dance training program to date

    • Become a recognized DanceKinesis Studio

    DanceKinesis is a dance movement training program. It teaches not how to do a particular dance, but how to dance.

    Use the DK syllabi or YOUR OWN. DanceKinesis does not invalidate your current syllabus or course of study; it makes it better.

    The stuido program is the same as the individual program, only taught in consolidated group format designed to cover a wider range of material at an accelerated rate. The programs are specifically designed for studio owners/directors to follow and teach in their studios. DK will offer continuous support and follow-up.

    BECOME A DANCEKINESIS STUDIO  -  DIY Studio Certification

    Currently, we are offering affiliates to become a part of the DanceKinesis team completely royaly free. Upon successful completion of the training/certification program/requisites, you may elect to be recognized as a DanceKinesis studio. You will receive:


    • Royalty free affiliation with the DanceKinesis name/branding

    • DanceKinesis affilitation materials to display that you are a certified DK affiliate

    • Access to continued support from the DK team of experts

    • Access to continued updating, selected workshops, training materials, etc.


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