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Purchased here or at, the DK Attache' is the perfect way to certify yourself, staff, or studio in the quickest and most efficient way possible... at your convenience.

The attache' includes:

- DanceKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance (Book)
- 4  Beginner Level Workbooks (Intermediate - Advanced at completion of each level)
- On-going Video Learning Series
- Quarterly Coachings/Consultations (in-studio, live coachings; add'l hrs possible)
- Angelism Notebooks/Notecards
- DK Syllabi
- 8 Course Study Guides

- 15 Dance Class Study Guides

- Level Completion Certificates & Certification Certification
- Handsome DK Attache' case (hard copy orders only)

and MUCH more (see complete product listings on site)

The DK ATTACHE' - Home Certification Program

SKU: DKA00-0999
  • Everything that you need to:

    • Train and/or certify your teachers in the best Ballroom and Latin dance training program to date

    • Become a recognized DanceKinesis Studio

    DanceKinesis is a dance movement training program. It teaches not how to do a particular dance, but how to dance.

    Use the DK syllabi or YOUR OWN. DanceKinesis does not invalidate your current syllabus or course of study; it makes it better.

    The stuido program is the same as the individual program, only taught in consolidated group format designed to cover a wider range of material at an accelerated rate. The programs are specifically designed for studio owners/directors to follow and teach in their studios. DK will offer continuous support and follow-up.

    BECOME A DANCEKINESIS STUDIO  -  DIY Studio Certification

    Currently, we are offering affiliates to become a part of the DanceKinesis team completely royaly free. Upon successful completion of the training/certification program/requisites, you may elect to be recognized as a DanceKinesis studio. You will receive:


    • Royalty free affiliation with the DanceKinesis name/branding

    • DanceKinesis affilitation materials to display that you are a certified DK affiliate

    • Access to continued support from the DK team of experts

    • Access to continued updating, selected workshops, training materials, etc.

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