DanceKinesis exams are typically given once each quarter. The exam will cover; movement, syllabus (if applicable), verbalization (movements, steps, technique/s, music and rhythm/s, etc.). Exams might include three sessions; written, oral, and practicum.  Each exam usually takes between 2 - 3 hours, and is scheduled at a place and time which is mutually beneficial to dancer and examiner.

Personal & Group Study

The DanceKinesis Teacher Training Certification Program is a completely self-paced program. Whether one is studying solely at home, in a combination of at-home and on-site courses, or at a DanceKinesis Intensive (on-site with us), how much is gained is directly relative to how much is invested. This investment is made up of 3 deposits; Time (how much you study and practice), Talents (natural ability), and Treasures (finances).


The program was designed to be, and is, taught in colleges and universities nationwide, and typically takes up to 18 months (2-3 times/week) to complete the Full program. Many dancers who dance more than these minimum hours have completed their certification in as little as 12 months.

  • The DanceKinesis Book, Workbooks, Video / DVDs, and study support materials may be found here.  (click for page)  

  • The DanceKinesis Social, Ballroom, and Exhibition Syllabi might be helpful depending upon your particular course of study. (click for page)


Helpful Hints

  • Other study support materials are available as desired. Contact us for information on these and more.

  • Examples of additional study guides include:

Music & Rhythms for Dancers

Spins & Turns

How to 'Really' Choreograph

Theatre Atrs


The revolutionary new 

Ballroom and Latin dance movement


"Professional Certification Program"


Study Materials
DanceKinesis is an internationally recognized dance council certified and registered with the CID, International Dance Council, Paris
All DK elements, courses, programs, and certifications are usable and interchangeable with all major dance school syllabi.




The DK Attache' is the perfect way to certify your staff or your studio in the quickest and most efficient way possible... at your convienence.



The attache' includes:


  • DanceKinesis: The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance (Book)

  • 4  Beginner Level Workbooks

       (Interm./Adv. at completion of each level)

  • Online videos (referencing/illustrating the material.  Interm./Adv. videos available at completion of each level)           DVDs available - additional costs

  • Quarterly Coachings/Consultations

      (in-studio, live coachings; add'l hrs possible)

  • Angelism(C) Notebooks/Notecards

  • DK Syllabi

  • Study Guides

  • Handsome DK Attache' case


       and MUCH more (click here for complete product            listing)


Yes! Let's Do This!


"Dance is not steps; it is the ever-changing movement in between the steps"

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