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Welcome to the New DanceKinesis Online Video Series to Better Dancing

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Every week, 2 weeks, or monthly, we will be sending out an online lesson guide to help you to better your self and your craft. These short, convenient, and extremely informative sessions are for everyone from the non-dancer to the novice to the social amateur to the professional teacher / competitor / performer. They will cover:

  • both social and professional movement

  • general health habits

  • and dancing

They will include:

  • basic music and rhythm understanding

  • general exercise tips for bettering one's everyday health and dancing

  • partnering skills

  • social and professional on-the-floor skills

  • and specific dance techniques, steps, patterns, and rule


Lessons are presented in 2 forms; a short FREE preview / mini-lesson, and a longer PREMIUM version. The Premium lessons are completely downloadable so that they may be kept and referred to as much and for as long as you like. Some may be offered on a short-term Online Study basis, and some are available in a hard-copy format (mailed).

Subscription and Membership

CLICK HERE to join and begin receiving FREE lessons from DK. You will never be pressured into e-mails, subscriptions, or sales information or materials which you do not want, and you may cancel at your desire, hassle free. We are certain, however, that you will not want to.

Have an interest in ARGENTINE TANGO? CLICK HERE to subscribe to the NEW TANGOKINESIS ONLINE GUIDE TO BETTER DANCING. We know that you will enjoy these new products from DK and TK, and, of course, welcome your thoughts and questions. See you, soon.

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